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Hacker attitudesSeveral subgroups of the computer underground with different attitudes and aims use different terms to demarcate themselves from each other, or try to exclude some specific group with which they do not agree. Eric S. Raymond (author of The New Hacker's Dictionary) advocates that members of the computer underground should be called crackers. Yet, those people see themselves as hackers and even try to include the views of Raymond in what they see as one wider hacker culture, a view harshly rejected by Raymond himself. Instead of a hacker/cracker dichotomy, they give more emphasis to a spectrum of different categories, such as white hatgrey hatblack hat and script kiddie. In contrast to Raymond, they usually reserve the term cracker. According to (Clifford R.D. 2006) a cracker or cracking is to "gain unauthorized access to a computer in order to commit another crime such as destroying information contained in that system".[9] These subgroups may also be …
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Management tips

L1: Fix the problem, not the blame. It is far more productive, and less expensive, to figure out what to do to fix a problem that has come up than it is to waste time trying to decide whose fault it was.
L2: Tell people what you want, not how to do it. You will find people more responsive and less defensive if you can give them guidance not instructions. You will also see more initiative, more innovation, and more of an ownership attitude from them develop over time.
L3: Manage the function, not the paperwork. Remember that your job is to manage a specific function within the company, whatever that may be. There is a lot of paperwork that goes with the job, but don't let that distract you from your real responsibility.
L4: Don't DO Anything. Your job as a manager is to "plan, organize, control and direct." Don't let yourself waste valuable time by falling back on what you did before you became a manager. We know you enjoy it and you are good at it. That'…

Oil pulling

History :
In ancient times, the practice of oil (Thaila in Sanskrit) pulling was (Aabarah in Sanskrit) a popular Indian Ayurvedic treatment. 'Oil pulling' or oil swishing is a procedure that involves swishing oil in the mouth for oral and systemic health benefits. Oil pulling therapy with sesame oil has been used as a traditional Indian folk extensively for many years, without scientific evidence or proof, for strengthening gums, teeth and jaws and a remedy to prevent tooth decay, oral malodor, bleeding gums, dryness of throat and cracked lips.

Present :
The modern version of oil pulling was coined by Ukranian Physician, Dr. F. Karach during 1990's in USSR. after he experimented swishing oil in the above mentioned method and cured himself from a chronic blood disease. He further studied it, systematised it and propagated it across the world. Dr. Karach says: "With the oil therapy, I healed my chronic blood disease of fifteen years. With the use of this therapy, I was hea…